DeadWoodSilver, made in Greenwood, BC...Designed & Hand Crafted Custom Skull Rings
    Sponsor of Top Fuel Nitro Harley Drag Racing










Welcome from, Designer and Hand Crafter of Super Skull Rings for “MC's” and "Hard Core Bikers". 


 "WMD" Skull rings are designed with the "Bad Ass Biker" in mind and are Designed and Hand-Made in BC, Canada and the USA.
My Skull Rings are cast in  Greenwood, BC and Phoenix, AZ and are the choice of MC’s, Hard Core Bikers, Biker Babes, Nitro Addicts, Speed Demons, Whisky Runners, Mercenaries, Madmen and Non-Decripts, around the World.


All Skull Rings and Big "FKR" Chain are packaged in individual Skull Branded Pine Coffins crafted by “Hawkeye“, a former Undertaker, Vietnam Vet and semi reformed X-Biker, if there is such a thing!


If You are the "Real Deal", got the “Ego”, and "Live on the Edge", then my Skull Rings are for You.  "Big Silver Skulls" are definitely NOT for the “Weak of Spirit” or the “Timid”.


I am constantly designing new stuff so you need to check back on my website often to see what I'm working on. Drop me a line to just say hello or if you have any questions or if you would like order info and pricing.


Finally, I chose the website domain, “DEADWOODSILVER” because I'm now in Greenwood, BC close to historic Deadwood Junction, where motorcycles range during the summer and migrate through Southern BC and the Okanagan. 




My Skull Rings are the Choice of Top Fuel Nitro Harley Champions in the USA and Canada!


Damian Cownden, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Top Fuel Nitro Harley Canadian Champion and Runner Up in the 2014 ten race NHRA series in the US, wearing his DeadWoodSilver, "Big Silver" rings.

                           The Bench and the Bikes!



The Crew!


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